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Hello! We make the best pool float ever for people who love the water, engineered by people who love the water!

We believe in working hard, and we take our fun & relax time seriously. Our favorite way to spend our time is being in the water with our family and friends.

Hello! We are Chris & Cheryl, entrepreneurs & inventors of this innovative pool float. Thanks for taking your time to read about us!

We love our oceans, rivers and lakes and we are dedicated to helping to keep them clean for generations to come by donating to and participating in clean up efforts.

We believe in giving back as a company and support clean water for everyone, everywhere.

We believe in the scientific benefits of mindfulness and believe being in the water is a wonderful way to unplug and be present with yourself and the people around you. We also believe in the BlueMind theory and studies.

We believe in ethical manufacturing and sustainability. We personally traveled to India to check out the facility where our floats are made, and we chose materials that will last. We don't want more unnecessary trash going back into the planet.

Most of all we believe in treating people like they are our friends we would float with! We believe in laughter, and fun, and soaking up the sun. (is that a song?) We are people - not just a company,

Feel free to say hello! We love hearing from you and we always appreciate feedback on the float!

We LOVE the water!