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Instructions & FAQ

Fabric Maintenance Recommendations for your Just Add Noodles™ Float.

We use a high quality outdoor fabric, and your float can last years with proper care! It is UV, mold and water resistant. For maximum life of your float, always remove it from the water when not in use. The fabric is UV resistant, but keep it stored out of direct sunlight to avoid unnecessary premature color fading as there is no such thing as UV-Proof. Rinse it off if it was in chlorine or salt water. Allow your float to dry completely before rolling it up and placing it back in the mesh bag.

Cleaning :

We advise cleaning your float with a soft bristle brush and rinsing with water. For localized stains, clean with a neutral detergent mixed with lukewarm water (maximum 104º F) and then rinse. The fabric must be left to dry completely before it is rolled up. No not machine dry.

Hand Washing :

  1. Soak fabric in a solution of 1/4 cup mild detergent, such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid, per gallon of lukewarm water.
  2. Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush as necessary.
  3. Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent residue.
  4. Air dry.

Outdoor fabrics air dry very quickly. Machine drying is not recommended.


Q: What if I can't float?

A: Everybody can float! Some bodies are  denser than others due to bone density as well as muscle mass, and women tend to float easier than men due to more fat mass. You have a center of buoyancy and it's easy to find once you relax your body and breathe - you will feel your body rise out of the water when you inhale (your lungs are like a balloon), and sink when you exhale. Here's a great video from Livestrong - but our float makes it much easier to float.

Q. Can you give me some floating tips?

A. Sure.  To be able to float, you simply need to be calm and relaxed in the water. The head and legs are the densest parts of the body - though the head floats better than the legs. With both of these supported, the more relaxed you are - and this includes your arms, the easier it is to float. Don't be afraid of the weightless feeling of the water! It's what makes this float so amazingly relaxing. Place the float beneath your head and neck, at the top of your shoulders (if you are laying down to float) - this keeps your chest slightly raised which makes floating easier. Keep your hands palms up until you learn to relax your body and let it float.

Q. When I have it in chair mode, I am tipping forward, backward, or sideways. Why?

A. If you are tipping forward you will need to adjust the bottom pillow lower toward your knees, and possibly make your straps a little bit longer. If you are tipping backwards, put it more toward your buttocks, and you may need to shorten the straps. If you are tipping sideways, check your center of gravity. Sit in the center of the chair and relax your body - you won't "fall through".

Q. How do I get in this thing?

A. You can watch the video up above  - or, simply stand in the middle of the float, and place the head pillow on your shoulders first - not in the middle of your head - the top of your shoulders, neck and head should rest comfortably. Then, holding the straps taught, raise your legs up to the foot pillow. In chair mode, just sit back and relax!

Q. It's hard to get the noodle in the bottom foot pillow.

A. It is designed to snugly fit the noodle. We find it's easier to put the bottom noodle in partially inflated and blow it up inside the pillow. Foam noodles go in easier if you twist them in like a screw.

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