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10 reasons - and videos


1. You like to save money where you can - we get that! But cheap pool floats are disposable, so in the long run you end up spending more money replacing them, sometimes more than once in the summer (which is also bad for the environment!). Expensive luxury floats are designed for you to float ON the water and helloooo! They are so awkward to get on. You look like a seal clamoring onto a rock. No one does that smoothly. No one. 

2. Our float is made of sustainable materials. We love the planet and want to do our part to preserve it. We want you to have it for a few years before you need a new one. Bad for us, good for you.

3. Our float is adjustable into any floating position you can imagine. This eliminates the need for more than one pool float since you can lay down on it, sit in a chair, lounge in a recliner, or even float on your stomach! A-freakin-mazing.

4. Ours is portable and lightweight (1.8 lbs), because let's face it, sometimes we shop when we travel and bags get a little heavy. You can also take it with you on your boat, camping, or vacation anywhere. OMG!

5. Going to a busy summer resort? No more need to worry about getting to the pool early to snag a lounge chair - yours is in the water. And those resort pool floats? No thanks. Who knows who has been laying on that thing. (OK I admit I'm a bit of a germ-phobe, but I picture some slicked up overly-sunscreened sweaty guy on it before me).

6. Ours eliminates stomach fold over. Do you hate when your stomach is folded over in some weird position that forces you to lay or sit awkwardly so you can suck it in? No? Lucky you! If yes, great news! Your body is UNDER the water!! You instantly look 10 pounds slimmer! And no funky white stomach line where you didn't tan.

7. You are IN the water and not ON the water - which means you never get hot from the sun! And you get a great all over tan. (see fold over tan above).

8. Ours is small. It doesn't take up your entire garage to store it in the winter time. Put it in a drawer when you don't need it! Halleluiah for having your garage back!

9. Ours is hands down the most relaxing floating experience there is. It really needs to be experience to be appreciated! It is weightless floating, which helps you de-stress immediately, and since your body is naturally floating there is NO weight limit. You can't sink. Everybody floats. Ask the Mafia.

10. It's for grown ups. It says so on the warning label. Show your kids so they believe you. Yay for no more kids fighting for your float. It's all yours. Muah-ha-ha-ha.

Here's our video from Pitchi!